Wes shucking oysters on the Hollows Patio in Saskatoon.

Canoe Oysters had humble beginnings with an intention to share our love of food. Being Saskatoon transplants with no friends or family for thousands of kilometers, our first purchase was a large dining table where we launched our “Family Supper”. Acquaintances quickly become friends when you cook sustainable opulent 10 course meals, and have lots of punch.

Seasonal and sustainable whole food is our philosophy. Saskatchewan has some amazing farmers and producers as well as wild spaces which we hunt, fish and forage. Saskatchewan does however lack a coastline or a means of having consistent high quality oysters. Our friends back home have us covered, as we are lucky to bring amazing product primarily from the East Coast to prairie tables.

We use these resources and the knowledge accrued from our travels and  grandmothers to create a unique dining experience. Whether that be a coursed meal in your home, casual BBQ or corporate event, we would be happy to share our love and passion with you.




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